netop remote control india

Netop Remote Control

Secure Remote Access, Remote Control, Remote Management, Remote Connection

Take access of Remote PC, Server, Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android & more

Netop. A European MNC with clients across the Globe. Netop flagship products are Remote Control & Access; Live Chat & Classroom Management Platform. Netop is far superior & robust solution than Teamviewer, VNC, RDP, etc. Here are some more details on product.

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netop remote control india

Netop On Demand

Netop Remote Control

Netop Mobile & Embedded

• Agent-less remote  support• Flagship product• Mobile remote support
• Attended internet-based• Classic remote  support• Embedded remote support
• Temporary application• LAN/WAN/Internet• Attended & unattended
• No footprint• Attended & unattended• Client/Server based
• Windows only• Client/Server based• Windows Mobile & CE
 • Windows, Linux & Mac• Symbian
  • Android



• iOS Guest
  • Quarter of the world’s largest retailers and half of the Fortune 100 choose Netop for secure remote access software.
  • For more than 30 years, Netop has created market-leading software solutions that connect computers, production technology and smart devices.
  • Millions of users worldwide trust Netop to make more than 100 million secure connections each day.

• Support End Users
o Netop Remote Control advanced feature set enables efficient support of end users within and outside of your network.
o Full remote control of keyboard, mouse and monitor
o Fast file transfer
o Multi-factor authentication
o Active Directory integration
o OnDemand Remote Support

• Manage Vendor Access
o Netop gives you the ability to centrally manage third party access to specific network segments, devices and ports.
o Restrict access to a single application or device
o Multi-factor authentication
o Customizable credential requirements
o Limit vendor access by time or IP address
o No need to maintain or extend VPN access

• Access Production Devices
o Netop lets you securely connect POS, building automation and other production systems
without exposing them to the Internet.
o Access production network segments
o Customizable user and group rights
o Secure tunneling
o Concurrent sessions
o Activity logs and event recordings

• Multi-platform Support:
o Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98 and Mobile.
o Linux: Ubuntu, RedHat, SUSE and more.
o Mac and iOS.
o Support different systems from a single interface.
o Remote access from mobile devices

Netop is best alternative of Team Viewer, RDP, VNC, Anydesk, Ammyy Admin, Remote Utilities, Ultra VNC, Chrome Remote Desktop, AeroAdmin, Windows Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, RemotePC, Seecreen, LiteManager, Zoho Assist, Comodo Unite, ShowMyPC, DesktopNow, BeamYourScreen.

For multiple remote access at one go, via LAN, VPN, WAN or internet on highly secure tunnel Netop is the only solution one can look for. Large organizations, corporate, BFSI, BPO, Defense Organizations, Government Sector, Manufacturing Units or any sector looking for secure and granular access control: Netop Remote Control

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