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Signature, Code Scanning & Machine Learning with behavior analysis

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All organizations today have an antivirus software installed on their machines to protect their network and endpoints against viruses and malware threats. However, most are not capable to offer unparalleled detection of next-generation online threats, as they appear in real time.
Thor Vigilance combines the techniques known by both traditional and next-gen antivirus engines to offer market leading mitigation and 100.00% detection.
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Utilizing Heimdal’s Real-Time Cloud scanning, all files known and unknown to the local database are sent to our cloud for scanning. With the help of the Machine Learning algorithms, we add another dimension to detection, before they reach your computer.
Take advantage of an unique Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) ability to migrate even the most Advanced Persistent Threats used in a cyber attack that traditional antivirus can’t detect.
Heimdal Security – Proactive Cyber Security Software

Key Features

VAPT + Anti-Malware + Patch Management + Application Management + Real-Time Cloud Protection + Traffic Scanning + Zero-Day Threat Prevention + Behavior Scanning 

Prevention = 100%

  • Detects threats at the DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers, before they reach your device
  • Blocks all incoming and outgoing communications to malicious address
  • Prevents APTs and other threats
  • Autonomously detect and prevent infections
  • Detects hidden malware in your system
  • Automatically and silent updates for installed Apps
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities before they’re exploited 
  • Next-gen Antivirus with cloud scanning,
  • Sandboxing & process modification behavioral detection
  • Silent Operations: Let APT do what it meant to – so you can do your work
  • Cloud Based Centralized Management for 1 PC or 100,000 PCs
detection100% detection and market leading mitigation market leading mitigation heuristicLow impact local file / signature scanning  sanboxSandbox and backdoor inspections for suspicious files

registry protectionActive registry change scanning

Heuristic, process behaviour scanning for code change detection

Real-Time Cloud scanning with Machine Learning detection

Protection Against

Ransomware Software Vulnerabilities
Banking Trojans Advanced Exploit kits
Data Leaks Zero Day malware
Virus Infections Traffic Scanning
Phishing Attacks Patch Management
Cloud-Based Management Silent Operations
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