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We understand ‘Information Technology’ is all about DATA. Therefore data should be available to organization, every moment from anywhere. So, when required if data is not available, purpose of IT is defeated. 

Hence we emphasis on Continuous Secure Data Accessibility & Availability.

IT infrastructure must be organized in a way that:

  • It’s secure – free from malware, hacking & other attacks.
  • Data can be accessed by user from anywhere, anytime with right protection parameters.
  • Data must be available without any downtime even after natural disaster.

Panzer IT provide 360⁰ solution to achieve the core of IT. Starting from Endpoint Security, Firewall, Automated Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Management, NAS, SAN, Cloud Storage, Virtualization, Data Leakage Prevention, Human Resource Activity Tracking, Network Monitoring, Vulnerability & Advance Persistent Threat Prevention, Zero-Day Threats, Targeted Attacks or even Unknown Threats. All this at lowest TCO and best ROI. Our clients are large Enterprises, Government, SMB & Consumers for various IT Securities.

Panzer IT specializes in IT Security, Data Accessibility & Availability; Secure Remote Access and Control, Disaster Recovery Management. We provide Endpoint Security, VAPT, Advance Malware Protection, Backup & Storage Solutions, Cloud. Highly secure remote access with or without internet for Banks – ATM, Retail-POS, Defence Organizations, GDPR Compliant, BPOs etc. Our specialization is not limited to firewall, Secure VPN solution, Virtualization, VAPT, Antivirus, DLP, DR, Network Monitoring tool, NAS, SAN but best of genuine consultancy for best use of IT assets, better RoI at lower TCO.

Panzer has vast channel network across large geography of India with channel eco-system in place. With over a decade experience in channel distribution, we are committed to offer best policies, channel friendly environment, qualified channel managers & round the clock support.

Panzer IT with over 150 man-year experience in IT Security Solutions, HQ in Mumbai and techno-commercial professionals at Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata & Bangalore.

With this complete spectrum, we assure you to provide our superlative services. 

Let’s Make ‘IT’ Secure

Best security software and services to Enterprises, Government, SMB, SOHO through channel partners & associates across India.

Featured Solutions:


Robust & User Friendly Data Leak Prevention
– Control of Data Transfer Channels
– Detection of Sensitive Data Content
– Data Leak Prevention
– Incident Response
– Employee Monitoring
– Archive of Intercepted Data including web-mails
– Reports Based on Gathered Information
– Quick installation & setup
– Supports domain & workgroup environments

Unified Threat Prevention
– Unparalleled vulnerability management and automated patch deployment
– Proactive & reactive security in one package for leading edge endpoint protection
– The synergy of preventing the unknown and catching the known
– APT, EDR, HIPS, HIDS, Threat Hunting, Vulnerability management, Infinity management, next-gen antivirus

Advance Anti Malware Solution
- Next-Gen Anti-Malware Software, Best Antivirus
- The best endpoint security product for ransomware & any other known or unknown threats
- Scan traffic and behaviour of data
- Multi-Layer & dual engine protection
- Most popular among geeks and techies across the Globe

Secure Remote Access
– Securely Connect to any device, platform, or network.
– Take the hassle out of compliance with advanced logging, authentication, and permissions
– 256-bit AES encryption
– Multi-factor authentication through Microsoft Azure, RADIUS, RSA SecurID and Smartcards
– Integration with Directory Services
– Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group definitions
– Complete logging with customizable audit trails and session recordings
– Audio, Video, Text chat
– Take as many remote as you want
Data Backup Solutions

Automated Hybrid Data Backup (Local + Cloud)
– Backup specific file/folder or complete PC image
– Backup any device Windows, Mac, Linux, Server / SAP, Android, iOS etc.
– Manage all data from single console
– Access any data from anywhere in the World from any device
– Restore data to any previous date
– 100% protection from Ransomware or any other threat
– 100% data accessibility and availability

Virtualize, Secure, Deliver
- Boost workforce productivity by making business applications securely available anywhere, anytime.
- Consolidate, secure and speed up access to the IT infrastructure through proprietary workspace virtualization and remote access technologies.
- Centralize Control: Control & Manage distributed devices, virtual desktops and applications from central location
- Security: Application & Desktop Virtualization improves enterprise security by way of air gap computing, bringing data center level security for each application.
- Mobility: Access corporate infrastructure & business applications, Anywhere, Anytime, Any device.
- Advantage: Great RoI, save cost on new laptop, desktops, Microsoft & other application licenses, electricity, security appliances etc.


Other Solutions:

Solutions Brands Solutions Brands
Endpoint Security, Mail Server, Gateway, File Server Protection, Anti-Malware, Antivirus, Network Security Emsisoft, G Data, ESET, Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro Secure Remote Access & Control

Remote Support solution for Banks, ATM, POS, Internal IT support, Defence, BPOs or normal support to clients Globally

Netop Remote Control
APT, VAPT Heimdal, Cybonet, Symantec Cloud Storage Data Centre, GSuite, Microsoft Azure, Amazon
Data Backup, Hybrid Backup, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup Acronis, Acronis Cloud, Veeam, Commvault & More Storage (NAS, SAN)


High-end Storage Drives

Synology, Thunderbird, Huawei, EMC, Qsan, Qnap, AMI


Data Leakage Prevention FalconGaze SecureTower, Data Resolve, Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro Virtualization & VPN Security Accops, VMware, HyperV
  Firewall Cisco, Fortinet, Checkpoint etc


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